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The Gesture and Activity Recognition Toolkit (GART) (formerly Georgia Tech Gesture Toolkit GT2K) is a toolkit to allow for rapid prototyping of gesture-based applications.
There are two versions of the toolkit, a Linux shell scripting based version and the more refined Java version.
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source:releases/gart_beta_0.3.1.jar has been released. WritiingPad? sensor has been moved to Sensor directory.

source:releases/gart_beta_0.3.0.jar has been released. You can download from "release" directory in the "Browse Source". The new version is redesigned based on the Model-View-Controller pattern plus lots of bug fixes.

Source code distribution

There are two different versions of source code: trunk (stable) and sandbox (development).

Naming convention

Stable version:



GARTer Belt

The purpose of GARTer Belt is to make the creation and manipulation of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) easier. GARTer Belt is built on top of the existing GART functionality, and will provide an intuitive graphical user interface to each of GART's most important functions.

You can download releases from "Browse Source"->"releases".

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